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This page is a personal project to keep track of the very confusing timelines of the Marvel Comics Universe (Earth-616, as much as possible; no Ultimates or Cinematic Universe information will be included here).

Why? Well, that's a good question. I'm a Marvel fan who's been into comics off and on since I was 12 or so (and to put that in perspective, that was when comics had just gone up in price from $.60 to $.75). After a hiatus of several years, I've gotten back into comics -- thanks in large part to the Avengers movie, as well as the previous films leading up to it -- and I've been trying to catch up with all that's happened in the interim. And boy, was there a lot. A membership with Marvel Unlimited has helped (and I highly recommend it, btw), but I was still so confused, even when I tried to go back to the beginning. Why did Captain America start at #100? When were the characters introduced in Avengers #001 established? What is this House of M stuff about and how the hell do I read Civil War? I thought I'd attempt to start keeping track. That led to... well, all of this.

Please note that these comics are a product of their time. Characters and situations that we clearly see now as racist or sexist were not considered so when they were published. I personally feel terrible about the horrible stereotypes that were portrayed and acknowledge the history surrounding their publication. If nothing else, hopefully this stands as an example of the progress comics have made -- as well as proof of how far yet comics still need to grow.

An indexing note: Marvel is famous for the 'Marvel Method' of storytelling, in which the stories were often co-plotted by writer and artist, then drawn by the artist before being given final dialogue by the writer (or sometimes by another writer). Sometimes, artists are credited with layouts, while inkers did the final art. I have simplified many of these multi-layered roles for the sake of my own sanity, not out of disrespect to the varied processes by which a comic comes into being.

Ultimately, I hope to have entries for every character (and every one of their appearances), issue, and crossover arc in the Marvel Universe. I also plan to have guidelines or timelines for various events in an attempt to explain how characters move from one story to another. I will only be tracking comics and characters who are part of the main Marvel Universe (Earth-616) or involved in it in some way. This site will probably always be a work in progress with new information added as often as possible. Right now, it's being handled by one person (me), with a lot of help from my wonderful BFF lemniskate, and while I am obsessive, I also have a life and a day job. Hopefully I'll be able to open up and get more help in the future. For now, though, click around and enjoy!

TOTAL COMICS INDEXED (as of 26 April 2021): 3189